Side Events February Meetings

The ATT Working Groups and the First CSP9 Informal Preparatory Meetings  scheduled to take place on 14 – 17 February 2023 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, will be held in-person, with an option to follow the meeting proceedings via livestreaming. The ATT Secretariat is pleased to confirm that there are two options available for the holding of side events:


Option 1: in-person side events

Stakeholders are informed that it is possible to hold side events in-person at the venue of the meetings in Geneva, the Palais des Nations. Two rooms for each day of the meetings are reserved at the Palais des Nations for this purpose and the ATT Secretariat hereby invites proposals for side events.

Information regarding room availability and capacity, as well as the costs of technical equipment is provided in the following document:

Side Event - Background Information

Please submit your request by sending a completed Side Event - Proposal Form to Mr. Tom NIJS at the ATT Secretariat at: by 10 February 2023.

Side Event - Proposal Form

Option 2: virtual side events


Any State or organization that wishes/plans to hold a virtual side event or webinar during the week of 14-17 February 2023 is welcome to inform the ATT Secretariat of the event by sending an email to:, and we will post the information on the ATT webpage for all stakeholders to consult.


Please include the following information in your notification:


1)      Title of the event,

2)      Date of the event,

3)      Time (including time zone), and

4)      Access link (including a password, if required to access the event).


Please be advised that side event organisers will be responsible for hosting and facilitating such virtual events.



Please note that there is no option to hold a side event in hybrid format.


Anyone planning to hold a side event during this week is encouraged to schedule the event outside the plenary sessions taking place from 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 (CEST) each day of the ATT meetings.  

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